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Solutions to healthy crawlspaces

First a fact about Plastic liners verses Concrete, Don't be fooled

Over the past few years I have been in thousands of crawlspaces and had a first hand look at expensive plastic liners installed in peoples crawlspaces. What I have found is Most Companies who sell this service recommend or pitch there customers a dehumidifier. Reason is because that system does not eliminate moisture in a crawlspace it simply covers up the problem like a band aid, If you notice in the picture, all the seams are coming unglued do to the moisture and allowing water to seep through and on top of the liner. Plastic liners can easily be removed with in a matter of minutes. Concrete with a properly installed drainage system like are sure flow system and vapor barrier eliminates moisture and lowers high levels of Radon up to 80% for a healthier home. It is a permanent solution and becomes a mini basement. In most cases Concreting a crawlspace with proper drainage can be completed in one day and cost about the same or less than a plastic liner, and creates a dry usable space.

American Crawlspace, Corp. will remove all the storage and debris.

Next is to level all the high spots of the unfinished crawlspace. Then American Crawlspaces will inject all the foundation cracks with a poly urethane low pressure injection. Next is to trench 14 to 16 inches wide and to the bottom of the interior footings around the perimeter of crawlspace, next we install the sure flow drainage system completely encapsulated in lava stone, this to ensure the system will never fail. Next we cover the entire unfinished surface with a 10 mil under-slab vapor barrier, This will keep any moisture and radon gas from enter into the crawlspace. Next we pump in from the street 3.5 to 4 inches of fiber mesh reinforced concrete and give it the darby finish.

Applying closed cell spray foam insulation with a R-Value of 14 on all exterior walls and sill boxes will completely seal the crawlspace from outside elements, spiders, rodents and all three seasons , This creates a dry usable space and warmer floors with a energy savings up to 30%. Up to a $1500 dollar tax credit available from the Government. Plus your local gas company may be offering additional $750 dollar energy credit. We offer more Chicago Spray Foam information here .

Same process as crawlspace except we are cutting the concrete 12 to 14 inches from the basement footing , this is called interior breakout. We then breakout all that concrete and trench 12 to 14 inches deep so we can install the Sure Flow Drainage System witch is completely encapsulated in lava stone and connected to a sump pit. Then concrete the trench leaving the basement floor you had to begin with. This process will re leave the hydra static pressure underneath your home leaving it dry.

In a rare situation American Crawlspace, Corp. will have to install drainage around the exterior perimeter of the home. This would happen only if your home is sitting in a flood zone.

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