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Enlarging Crawl Space Access

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Two weeks ago a gentlemen called me to take a look at is crawl space. His crawlspace entrance was within a closet like most homes With the size of opening he had, you could barely fit through the hole, and it made it difficult to reach and perform maintenance within the crawlspace area. His crawl space was 1000 square feet with 4 feet of head room with a lot of moisture. His main concern was once we solved his moisture problem he wanted a bigger access cut into his garage floor and then through his foundation to fit bigger items in his crawl space for storage. Here’s the before and after pictures:

Now he is able to store just about anything he wants to. A dry crawl space is like a mini basement that now has our sure flow drainage system, proper vapor barrier,and concrete finished floor. We also applied a closed cell spray foam insulation on all the exterior walls and sill boxes for complete encapsulation. He now has a 1000 sq feet of storage. The cut had to be perfect inside and out. Once the cut was made we framed out and poured a new concrete foundation for the access. Now he has an easier access point through his garage. He no longer has to move everything out of the closet to get in the crawlspace.

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